Data Collection for Local Government and Visualization for Efficient e-Governance

1-4 July, 2015| Category: Conference| Authors: R Alam, AK Mutasim, B Poon, MA Amin
In the 10th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ICITA 2015), Sydney, Australia


Strategic planning for all departments at all levels of government depend highly on accurate data collection. Planning and deploying resources becomes inefficient if accurate and sufficient data is not available for some geographical locations. In this research work, we intend to provide a roadmap that will eventually evolve into an e-governance system. If deployed, this proposed system will help continual e-governance data collection. This web based system will collect data from mobile devices that are available at locations of data collection. The second part of this system is to summarize and visualize the data collected. The visualization system is map based so that the policy makers can interact with the system from different views that are relevant for planning and resource allocation.

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