Contributors: AK Mutasim, R Alam, B Poon, MA Amin


Mobile applications are changing every day. Modifications of an application as simple as the keypad are very common these days since users demands are changing on a regular basis due to the fast changing mobile technology. To meet the demands of the users on mobile phone apps, we ran an extensive study to identify the area of mobile apps which needs improvement.

After conducting an affinity analysis on the data gathered from a field study which was a combination of semi-structured Interview and Contextual Inquiry, we came to the conclusion that modification of the Camera app will turn out to be very interesting.

In this study, one of the most important points stated by the participants of the study were that taking out the mobile phone from the pocket/purse, unlocking it, opening the camera application and then clicking a photo is a very time consuming process when trying to capture a moment which is changing fast. This could be a child’s cute smile or his/her adorable yawn, or a fabulous fast travelling car on the road, etc.

To solve the problem stated above, we decided to build an application that would take photos as long as the user did not stop it. The application, which we named "InsCam", when launched, starts capturing photos automatically one after the other (known as Burst Mode in photography) until the user manually stops it.

Author Contributions

AK Mutasim conceived the original idea. AK Mutasim collected data, carried out the experiments, planned and carried out the simulations and developed the Android App with support from R Alam. AK Mutasim wrote the manuscripts and contributed to the interpretation of the results with input from all the authors. B Poon and MA Amin supervised the project.



  1. Aunnoy K Mutasim, Rakibul Alam, Bruce Poon, M Ashraful Amin, "User Feedback Based Mobile Camera Application Development", 10th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ICITA 2015), 1-4 July, 2015, Sydney, Australia. [More Details]



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