Contributors: AK Mutasim, AS Sabbir, MA Amin


Hangman is a word game between two or more players were the first player thinks of a dictionary word and tells how many letters it contains, and the opponent is given limited chances to guess those letters and to form the word. The opponent then guesses a letter. If the guess is incorrect, one part the hangman body is drawn. If the guess is correct then the opponent continues to offer other letters unless s/he can, within the limited chances, find out the right word that the first player thought about. Either the opponent wins if the word is correctly guessed or, s/he is ‘hanged’ (i.e. the full body of the hangman is drawn).

As there is no word game in Bengali (Bangla) for Bangla-speaking children, we decided to build the very first Bangla word game which we named ঝুলন্ত মানব (Jhulonto Manob) which is a Bangla version of the conventional word game Hangman. However, Hangman for a new language means the game playing strategy and the rules (specifically the number of guesses/mistakes/chances that the game should allow) must change both of which are dependent on the complexity of the language. Bangla is inherently a very different language than English and this may require a different strategy to design such a game for Bangla. Moreover, this design will mostly depend on the playing strategy. In this project we analyzed different types of Bangla character frequencies to be able to devise a game playing strategy that can be utilized in developing Bangla word games in the future.

Author Contributions

AK Mutasim and AS Sabbir planned the experiments. AK Mutasim collected data, carried out the experiments, planned and carried out the simulations and developed the Android Apps. AK Mutasim wrote the manuscript and contributed to the interpretation of the results with input from all the authors. AS Sabbir conceived the original idea. AS Sabbir and MA Amin supervised the project.



  1. Aunnoy K Mutasim, Ali Shihab Sabbir, M Ashraful Amin, "Devising a Strategy for Playing Bangla Hangman (Jhulonto Manob) Based on Character Frequency Distribution", 5th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV 2016), 13-14 May, 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh. [More Details]

Android Apps

Jhulonto Manob and Jhulonto Manob Pro



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